Jiangsu, China
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Auto, Motorcycle Parts & Accessories, Construction & Decoration, Electrical & Electronics, ...
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739010.91 USD
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Hardware, Castings, Forgings manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Machine Body Aluminum Die Casting Carton and Pallet Packaging, Die Cast Aluminium Cap Part with CNC Machining Powder Treatment, Framework Sand Casting Stainless Steel Heat Treatment Surface and so on.

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兴娱乐网站登录 Manufacturer/Factory
兴国际娱乐手机登录 Auto, Motorcycle Parts & Accessories, Construction & Decoration, Electrical & Electronics, ...
兴娱乐首页登录 Castings , Forgings , Bearings , Motorcycle Parts , Line Fittings , Foundry Equipment , Cable ...
兴娱乐登录 739010.91 USD
兴娱乐登录 2000-01-12
兴娱乐电脑版登录 Yes
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JOC Machinery Co., Ltd. Was founded in year 2000, specializing in foreign trade of machinery parts and complete sets of equipment. The ranges of products and services covering construction and building machinery, petroleum machinery, mining equipment, power cable production lines, electric power fittings, vehicle and motorcycle parts, industrial vales and etc. Have been exported to more than forty countries and regions of the world.

To better serve customers, stable supply and the quality of the ...

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